Thursday, 22 May 2008

About time (part 2)...

More superhero stuff. This time, a sketch of The Red Skull, an idea for a nice digitally painted punisher piece, a Wolverine piece (fully painted, digitally) that I'm working on, and my take on the Punisher. (Drawn and inked, scanned and coloured in Photshop...)

Again, hope you like!!!

Cheers, for now...(still waiting for my new PC!!!)

More sketches and paintings to come......

About time....

I started drawing some super hero stuff!!!

First off, some (very) rough thumbnails for a Captain America sequence...dropping into the forest, sneaking into the castle, only to find not only the Red Skull, but the beginnings of his clone army, led by the Red Golem!!

More Art Samples

At long last more work! Here are a couple of ideas for the cover style for this pitch/mini series...As well as a good old fashioned 'analogue' piece of art...(note to self: I must do more painting!)

Anyway, Hope you like!!