Thursday, 26 February 2009

Update pt 3.....

Just a quick process shot really...testing out a more painterly look...hopefully it works!

Really enjoying painting at the moment. Finally, after a long while I'm starting to feel actual enjoyment, when I paint, and liking the results! About time!

Anyway....Better get back to it!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mini Update pt.2

Just a quickie...I've fixed the hand/arm problem, and completely changed the legs...I feel they look more balanced now...!

Anyway, here it is!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Mini Update...

Just a quickie...I've decided to go digital for this illustration, as, for a one off piece, it's quicker and cleaner!

Here's a mini update, just quick style/technique sort of a test for the moment...going for an old 40's/50's magazine illustration look...I just love all that era...Al Parker, Robert Fawcett, Jon Whitcomb, the list is endless...

There's still a few things I have to fix for this, the hands for a start, and the feet...this, like I said is still a rough comp!

Anyway, as usual, thanks for stopping by.....

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Something new

Here's something I doodled whilst at work, waiting for the engine to compile...I like it so far, as it has nothing to do with any of the other little projects I have on the go at the moment!

This was the initial doodle, scanned and slightly corrected. I've started to put the final illo together, basically drawing the character in front of the tree. The idea for the tree will be a cross between a Willow tree, and a Cherry Blossom tree. The little bags attached to the tree are 'Wish Bags', as this is The Wishing Tree. Also to go in are some of the Crow/Vulture Imps, that gather in the tree trying to steal the dreams and wishes placed there. The character in the front can be taken as either a thief, or protector, depending on your persuasion.

I'm having fun with it so far....Here's a roughed up version of it so far...not happy with the composition so far...needs more space at the foot of the tree...Not sure if it will be a fully digital piece, or if I'll print it out and either pencil it on tracing paper, or ink and grey wash it on illustration board...we will have to see! Anyway, here you go....

As usual, thanks for stopping by...feel free to comment!

Long time no post...

Sorry about the delay in posting anything new...just been finishing off the computer game I've been studiously working on for the last couple of years...Wheelman...hits the stores on March 2oth!!!! It's been a long, hard slog, but ultimately worth it in the end!


Anyway...also, as you know I've been working on another comic pitch, URBN, (see the last post for a link to the site....) You can see some updated sketches, and what not on there.