Thursday, 11 September 2008

What I've been up to...(pt4)

Finally, here's a little illo I did yesterday.

I'd recently got back into using my brush pen, and ink, as well as my dip pen (quill nib). What was weird, was how much I enjoyed it! So I decided to use it a lot more, and did this (you may recall seeing the pencil sketch in an earlier post) :
As you can see from the top image I went really stylized with the colouring and design. I really enjoyed doing that illustration, and it's a style I want to pursue more, and try to incorporate more into my future work.

Thanks for stopping by! And I promise to post more regularly!

What I've been up to...(pt3)

Here's a few ideas I've been wanting to do with the Punisher (a favourite of mine!)

First, the line work:
Second, the flat colour:
Third, some tone work...(colouring it in a more stylized way than the Wolverine piece) :
And finally, a rough comp of how the finished piece will look, (again, going for a more stylized look for the backgrounds) :

What I've been up to...(pt2)

More posts??!!

Ok, here goes...This is an updated/improved version of the Wolverine in the snow shot...Still not finished, i want to add footsteps, some blood, more breath, make him a little bit more 'worn', but here's the progress so far...

What I've been up to...(pt1)

Sorry about the long space between posts...I've been super busy at work...Nearly finished the game now!!!

Anyway, enough excuses...Here's a few bits I've been working on in my spare time:

The first is an idea I've had for a Silver Surfer shot. Decided to go the 'fully painted' route for this one. Here's the initial sketch:
Sort of got the poses down. Any way here was the first pass at an inked/coloured version:

And here's the final (almost finished!) fully painted one (still have to add some bounced light/reflection...)
And here's the sketch/paint of Galactus so far...