Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Project...URBN

Hi there!,

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have been uber busy at work finishing off the game I'm working on. Almost there now, almost.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I haven't been working on some art...far from it. Whilst we're having a break from The Fallen, we've come up with a very cool little project, which should be pitchable very soon...just got to finish off the pages. The story is sharp. The setting is cool, and the ladies are hot...(or will be, once I draw them!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....URBN

And here are some sketches to go with it.....

For a more detailed explanation, character bios, and general info on URBN...check back to...


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

More new bits...

Here are some more sketches/illos I'm working on at the moment...Wanted to do an XMen piece, as well as a Nick Fury piece, so I decided to do them both!...a hypothetical XMen story involving Nick Fury! I give you...X-MEN : Fury's War

Still I intend to digitally colour the characters...but here's the line work for each one...
First up:Cyclops...

Next up:NightCrawler (although I am going to re draw his NOT like how it turned out!)
Next up:Wolverine...I like how he turned out, although I will add his claws to the final image...
Finally...Nick Fury. Went with more of an old school look for him....
That's it for now...I'll hopefully post again soon with progress shots of the actual colouring of each illustration...Until then, laters!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

What I've been up to...(pt4)

Finally, here's a little illo I did yesterday.

I'd recently got back into using my brush pen, and ink, as well as my dip pen (quill nib). What was weird, was how much I enjoyed it! So I decided to use it a lot more, and did this (you may recall seeing the pencil sketch in an earlier post) :
As you can see from the top image I went really stylized with the colouring and design. I really enjoyed doing that illustration, and it's a style I want to pursue more, and try to incorporate more into my future work.

Thanks for stopping by! And I promise to post more regularly!

What I've been up to...(pt3)

Here's a few ideas I've been wanting to do with the Punisher (a favourite of mine!)

First, the line work:
Second, the flat colour:
Third, some tone work...(colouring it in a more stylized way than the Wolverine piece) :
And finally, a rough comp of how the finished piece will look, (again, going for a more stylized look for the backgrounds) :

What I've been up to...(pt2)

More posts??!!

Ok, here goes...This is an updated/improved version of the Wolverine in the snow shot...Still not finished, i want to add footsteps, some blood, more breath, make him a little bit more 'worn', but here's the progress so far...

What I've been up to...(pt1)

Sorry about the long space between posts...I've been super busy at work...Nearly finished the game now!!!

Anyway, enough excuses...Here's a few bits I've been working on in my spare time:

The first is an idea I've had for a Silver Surfer shot. Decided to go the 'fully painted' route for this one. Here's the initial sketch:
Sort of got the poses down. Any way here was the first pass at an inked/coloured version:

And here's the final (almost finished!) fully painted one (still have to add some bounced light/reflection...)
And here's the sketch/paint of Galactus so far...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Just started this the other day...sketched it out on the PC, printed out and scaled the body to fit on A4. Using my light box, I transferred it to some nice smooth illustration paper, where I'm going to ink it up. Once that is done, I'll rescan it back in and digitally colour it...(I may do a fully painted version, eventually getting rid of the line work...who knows!!)
(Here's a quick colour comp, more for me, than anyone else!)

Here's another illustration for The Fallen. This time it's of the main 'Bad Guy' in the first story arc. Basically, penciled and inked the drawing, scanned it in, then painted it digitally. Took about 2-3 hours all in all. Really enjoyed painting it, and (for a change) I'm quite happy with the results!!

Finally...and update!!

Sorry about the long break...been really busy with work..(excuses, excuses!)

Anyway, here are a few bits I've been playing with...more stuff for The Fallen, as the pitch is nearly done...enough talking:

This first image is a new idea for how the main character could look. Not much different, just a slightly better face ( in my opinion, anyway!)...I'll do a fully finished version of him soon.

This one was for another version of the cover, maybe issue 2, once all the characters have been introduced. Still going for an iconic sort of image, rather than illustrating something directly from the story (I personally prefer these kind of covers anyway).

Thursday, 22 May 2008

About time (part 2)...

More superhero stuff. This time, a sketch of The Red Skull, an idea for a nice digitally painted punisher piece, a Wolverine piece (fully painted, digitally) that I'm working on, and my take on the Punisher. (Drawn and inked, scanned and coloured in Photshop...)

Again, hope you like!!!

Cheers, for now...(still waiting for my new PC!!!)

More sketches and paintings to come......

About time....

I started drawing some super hero stuff!!!

First off, some (very) rough thumbnails for a Captain America sequence...dropping into the forest, sneaking into the castle, only to find not only the Red Skull, but the beginnings of his clone army, led by the Red Golem!!

More Art Samples

At long last more work! Here are a couple of ideas for the cover style for this pitch/mini series...As well as a good old fashioned 'analogue' piece of art...(note to self: I must do more painting!)

Anyway, Hope you like!!