Thursday, 17 July 2008

Just started this the other day...sketched it out on the PC, printed out and scaled the body to fit on A4. Using my light box, I transferred it to some nice smooth illustration paper, where I'm going to ink it up. Once that is done, I'll rescan it back in and digitally colour it...(I may do a fully painted version, eventually getting rid of the line work...who knows!!)
(Here's a quick colour comp, more for me, than anyone else!)

Here's another illustration for The Fallen. This time it's of the main 'Bad Guy' in the first story arc. Basically, penciled and inked the drawing, scanned it in, then painted it digitally. Took about 2-3 hours all in all. Really enjoyed painting it, and (for a change) I'm quite happy with the results!!

Finally...and update!!

Sorry about the long break...been really busy with work..(excuses, excuses!)

Anyway, here are a few bits I've been playing with...more stuff for The Fallen, as the pitch is nearly done...enough talking:

This first image is a new idea for how the main character could look. Not much different, just a slightly better face ( in my opinion, anyway!)...I'll do a fully finished version of him soon.

This one was for another version of the cover, maybe issue 2, once all the characters have been introduced. Still going for an iconic sort of image, rather than illustrating something directly from the story (I personally prefer these kind of covers anyway).