Monday, 8 October 2007

Comic/Sequential Art examples

Here are some examples of my sequential artwork...


Adam Foster-Fahy said...


I mean, wow!

I have been subscribed to your CA.orgy sketchbook for a while now (I'm Bones Weep Tedium if you recognise the name?) and I have never seen your produce pages this worked up before!

Really beautiful stuff, excellent mix of environments and spec figures.

Am defintiely going to keep a beady eye in here!

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

do you use photgrpahic textures, or do you create everything in photoshop?

btw is that Temple Meads in first panel of the second page?

Matt Berger said...

Sir! Thank you once again for making a blog. Seeing your images without viewing other comments is such a pleasure. Someday I hope to be like you. Haha