Thursday, 17 July 2008

Just started this the other day...sketched it out on the PC, printed out and scaled the body to fit on A4. Using my light box, I transferred it to some nice smooth illustration paper, where I'm going to ink it up. Once that is done, I'll rescan it back in and digitally colour it...(I may do a fully painted version, eventually getting rid of the line work...who knows!!)
(Here's a quick colour comp, more for me, than anyone else!)

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Stu said...

Nice work with this bud, I think that there could be a couple of improvements on this though.

1) The pose could be a little more dynamic. Get a stronger arc into that spine, and maybe strengthen the jaw line some to make it more aggressive?

2) The silhouette could read better I think. You could look at moving his right arm back a little further, and pull the left forearm out from the body some. Currently, I think it's a little hard to read.

Hope that's a little constructive for you... I can't just be saying everything is "AWESOME" all of the time! Ha ha! :)